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it's time to look beyond the scales as the only way of measuring your progress...

Only by truly understanding how muscle, fat, and bone react to lifestyle changes, will you be able to improve weight control, create highly targeted exercise programs, or safely reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

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  if you're not assessing, you're simply guessing...

We have the utmost confidence our service provides the baseline knowledge and scientific precision required to help you make the right adjustments for a healthier and more energetic life...

Whether you are training for an event, trying to lose body fat, gain muscle, or recover from illness or an injury, you need to plan for success.  Living a healthy and more energetic life starts with establishing a baseline.  We use this as the starting point for introducing positive and sustainable changes that are the most appropriate to your current status. It's no secret that setting realistic and achievable objectives, and monitoring your progress are also key components for success... and we can help you with that too!

When it comes to understanding Body Composition, and what it takes to get results, we appreciate how frustrating the journey can sometimes be.  Nrgize NZ doesn't have a "One Size Fits All" mentality.  We work in partnership with our clients to get results, and at a pace with which they are comfortable.  This means we can successfully support clients of all ages , abilities, and body types as they target individual health and fitness goals such as:

  • Fat loss
  • Weight Control
  • Muscle gain
  • General health
  • Body transformation
  • and more....

why choose us...

  • We use world class InBody technology which has been used extensively throughout medical and scientific research worldwide.
  • Our body composition consultant is also a qualified and highly experienced health and fitness professional.
  • Testing is completed and results generated in just 60 seconds!
  • Each individual receives their own individual ID so we can track their unique body composition changes and progress.
  • Our machines are safe (zero radiation), non-intrusive and 100% pain free.
  • Participants remain fully clothed during their scan, minus their shoes.
  • Our machines are fully open systems and non-claustrophobic.
  • Our service requires very little physical space and is fully mobile – we can perform scans almost anywhere!!!
We are more than happy to work alongside any other fitness or health professionals...

In fact we encourage everyone to have a network of support! 

Our services are ideally suited to assist other Health and Fitness providers. We can provide scientifically precise  methods which measure and monitor physical change in participants. We can also be engaged to evaluate overall success of a program, and in doing so ensure it is meeting any weight management or body composition outcomes. 

Delivering safe, accurate and non-invasive Body Composition Testing & Analysis..

Using fully mobile, state of the art technology ensures we provide a practical, cost-effective and precision service.


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