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body composition, what is that?...

Body composition is the coming thing in health, medicine and fitness in NZ.  Research suggests developing a greater understanding of body composition vastly improves the likelihood of making sustainable changes and improving an individual's overall health outcomes.

You may have heard about it from people at the gym or read up on some fitness or health blogs, and the term keeps popping up...  It could be your doctor is suggesting that you get your body composition checked. Or, maybe you’re hearing people talk about improving their percent body fat, or lean muscle mass rather than just losing weight?

All the while you may have been thinking:

“What is this body composition thing?”

If this sounds like you, fear not, you’re in the right place.

Think about when you take your car to the mechanic.  It could be your car isn't working well and you're not sure what's up, or maybe it's  just due for a service.  Either way, , the mechanic carries out an inspection of the car’s parts... They open the hood, check the fluids, inspect the working components, etc.  From there they are able to tell you not only the condition of your car, but also what it would take to make it run better. 

Body composition analysis is like that, except instead of learning you need to change your oil or replace your brake pads, you might learn that your body fat percentage or weight is or isn't healthy, that your right side is more developed than your left, or that under the layers of body fat there's actually an athlete ready to take on the world. 

By analyzing your body composition, we can help you understand why you weigh what you weigh... so yes, you can eventually get the scale to read the number you want! (we hope that once you've been working with us for a while, you'll come to realise the scales no longer matter anyway!)  More importantly, by keeping track of your body composition, you'll see your results trending towards healthier change over a given period of time. And when that happens you'll be building a healthier body and enjoying a fuller, fitter (and happier) life.

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