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Inbody 270 body composition testing...

Nrgize NZ has chosen to work with the Inbody 270 body composition scanner primarily for it's portability and ease of use.  This equipment and the InBody Technology has been the subject of extensive scientific research across a diverse range of populations including children, elderly, athletes and obese people...  Needless to say it has passed every test!

Designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile body composition analysts traveling from location to location, the InBody 270 is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up.  It requires little operating space, yet features the accuracy and precision customers can expect from all InBody machines.

Undergoing a body composition scan is quick, non-invasive and pain-free.  You can expect fast, reliable and accurate body composition results in a safe and professional environment

The actual scan takes approximately 60 seconds and you stay fully clothed throughout the process. Best of all, your results will be available to you immediately.

your scan report...

 Every time you complete a Body composition scan, we provide you with a single page report...

This sample scan from the InBody 270 shows the amount of detail that each scan provides.

But don't worry if this seems confusing... we take every participant through their results sheet and explain what each section represents. 

We pride ourselves on breaking the report down into easily understandable chunks and for making sensible recommendations which may can you improve future results.

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Bioimpedence Technology

The technical term for how our analyzer works is Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA).

In a nutshell - It separately measures the impedance (resistance to alternating electric currents) of the trunk, arms, and legs of your body.